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The Talking The Talk Virtual Classroom

Primary School Sexuality Education delivered virtually to the classroom any time you want

Free Essential Mini Masterclass

5 confidence hacks for parents to start and continue, sex and sexuality conversations with kids

Experienced and Professional

25 years experience working in sexual health and education means our experience is the greatest benefit to you, your family, or your workplace "Let's get started it's easier than you think"

Philosophy and Approach

Accurate and comprehensive. We provide simple, relevant and useful information about sex & sexuality, to encourage & facilitate essential conversations that are positive, accurate and beneficial for everyone "Humans are diverse and that includes Sexuality"

​As Seen In…

As a leading Australian subject matter expert Vanessa is often consulted by industry experts including a recent appearance on The Project.

About Vanessa

With over 25 years experience in Sexual Health Nursing and Education, I have created this service with the aim of improving the health & happiness of every human’s experience of BASB (Being A Sexual Being)©.

Through improved knowledge and education, we aim to positively influence each personal lifetime journey of discovering their own unique sexuality personality.

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Videos: Talking The Talk TV

Short and simple videos for easy learning about human sexuality so that you know what to say and when
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Ebooks: Positive Ways to Talk about Sex and Sexuality to Kids Aged 0-17

Essential guides broken down into age groups so that parents give age appropriate information to kids
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Courses: Learn how to have conversations about sex and sexuality

Based on what is presented at face to face parent presentations the content of these courses guide you step by step so that you don't miss any of the key topics your kids need to hear from you.
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